Closer, 2022
Video, Installation, Performance

Based on the multi-voiced format of the telenovela, CLOSER follows different stories.
Ambivalences, contradictions, myths and experiences are connected in individual and
collective narratives. CLOSER weaves a fictional net between human and non-human
protagonists. Coastal erosion and migration as well as accounting and mango puree play a role.
To date, the Prologue, Episode I (both video-based) and Episode II (performance) have been produced.
There will be 10 episodes in total.

Prologue, Episode I & II were exhibited at glasmoog, Cologne.
No man is an Island: About CLOSER – text by Nada Schroer:

Closer: Prolog, 02.09.2022
Video (11.30 min), Installation
Steel, Acyric Paint, Sand, Window Films

Closer: Episode I, 29.09.2022
Video (20.45 min), Installation
Steel, Acyric Paint, Sand, Window Films, Fenders, Palm Skins

Closer: Episode II, 15.10.2022
Performance, 20 min.

Douglas Bateman, Filiz Özenc-Kemir, Sage Wong, Sasha Yatsenko, Usman Kangiwa Isah

Photo Credits: Heidi Pfohl, plzzo photography