In enriched environment, playing

In Enriched Environment, 2017
installation, performance
Styrofoam, acrylic paint, artificial human smell
(polypropylene, lactic acid, caproic acid, ammonia and octenol)
8 pieces

Behavioral or environmental enrichment aims to improve life quality and provide incentives that keep busy. Such is done to avoid boredom and stereotypical behavior. In addition to the best possible basic equipment, enrichment includes offering new stimuli and tasks which need to be solved.

Exhibition site was a former bear-pit where the city of Berlin kept its heraldic animal.
Predatory animal husbandry encounter human-imagined rules of species-appropriate care.

Performers: Max Gertzen, Uri Levi, Julius Metzger, Jonathan Omer Mizrahi, Uri Zamir.

Photos: Tobias Willmann, Julia Heunemann