MEETING NR. 584, 2009

MEETING NR. 584, 2009
Performative installation

Basis of the work was the semi-mythical creature of ancient Babylon, Semiramis, a colorful projection screen for damned female identities. Scanning the intersection between the ancient figure and labeling processes nowadays a three-parted installation was developed.

PART I: multitouch table (based on FTIR)
When entering the exhibition space, the audience was able to control 3 videos by a touch table.
By playing the videos (forwards / backwards) an audio collage was triggered. The 3 performers synchronized the movement of the video within the space.
Audio collage

PART II: performance
The ability to control the performers / play video was interrupted by a performance every 15 minutes.
The performance was shown 3 times as a loop.

PART III: scanbox
The scanbox was located adjacent to the main hall, accessible all the time.
One could record her/his counterpart while playing 4-in-a-row.
Shot images were transfered to main hall at the beginning of each performance.

It's a man! No it's a woman!
She acted in a Madonna video!
It's a shamanic angle.
She is naked.
Looks like a she is doing a ritual.
It's a godess?
Must be a brazilian dancer.
She shows her tits, that's not good.
Does she fuck?

When I google myself I get about a Million hits:
4-Star Hotels in Rhodos City, films, book, operas, an astroide.
There is a special edition of Mont Blanc.
Escorte girls like my name, too.

You wanna play "How to cross the border illegally" too?
Group minimum: 6 people, costs: 250 dollars.

He looked a little bit like Officer Tom from 21 Jump Street, so it was ok.

Installed at Institute for Time-Based Media, Berlin
In collaboration with the Dept. of Computer Engineering and Microelectronics, TU Berlin

with: Paula Redlefsen, Sylwia Mroczkowska, Katharina Philipp
Programming: Martin Kasparick
Technical Support: Steffen Krämer