A strong grip a soft face

A strong grip a soft face, 2016
performance, 20min

Siri, car navigation, chat bots, support centers: We encounter generated voices in many different contexts. These voices speak to us, they answer our questions, they guide us, they (re)direct us. They render with same friendliness the weather forecasts, a massacre, poetry. Speech recognition or the generation of sound based on texts: Next to computer science, military and medicine are core developers within this field of information processing: Automated command & control on one hand (Eurofighter & Co), extending communication possibilities on the other (Stephen Hawking as one of the most prominent users of speech synthesis).

Tell a tale to a tall. Google Assistant asks: What’s my personality?

Version IV

Far Off Cologne | 28.04.2017

Version III

FFT Düsseldorf | 16.03.2017

Version II

MotelOne Cologne | 06.12.2016

Version I

Kunstwerk Cologne | 10.11.2016