walter palmer shot a lion:
the sequel

walter palmer shot a lion: The sequel, 2019
performance, installation

Steel, clay, coco soil, construction poles, wood, acrylic paint, phosphor pigments, studio lights, timer, 3d printed objects, coal spray,

Looking at the sun is a little harder on the eyes.

Performers: Hanieh Bozorgnia, Hend El Balouty, Levin Krassel, Thomas Lambertz, David Lichter, Jonathan Omer Mizrahi, Marios Pavlou, Nathan Schönwolf, Luisa Stricker, Anchi Trinh, Bela Usabaev, Lilian Villalba, Hye Young Sin, Karen Zimmermann

Performers were asked to read out any HOW TO question they would want to answer. Upon the made decision, they searched the internet for answers. They read, played and/or showed the content they found relevant. Performance was not limited to a specific time duration. The performers decided when the question was sufficiently answered. Among the questions posed were:

- talk to a snake
- disappear
- tell a joke
- build a bridge that doesn't crash
- not get drunk
- deal with neighbors
- make someone feel ok
- vomit right
- play Fortnite the best way
- purify water
- code 'Hello World'
- make a sailors knot
- water a plant
- fix a broken relationship
- survive a night in the woods
- learn a language
- prepare a soup
- treat a cut



Credit stills/photos:
Nikolai Meierjohann, Julius Metzger, Thomas Lambertz, Meryem Erkus, Karen Zimmermann